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About Wi Inc.

About Wi Inc.

About Wi Inc.

Engineering creativity through innovative design

Wi Inc. is an award-winning medical device development and design company that rapidly and successfully brings products from concept to production. Founded in 2001, Wi has consistently and successfully introduced clients’ products into the medical device marketplace.

The core of the Wi mentality is creating products that help people. Our passion is designing innovative and cost-conscious medical devices that will improve outcomes for patients. We believe in providing affordable, efficient, creative, and quality solutions to challenges in health care.


Wi is fast to produce results.  We achieve this by maximizing information gained through each phase of the process and respectfully challenging each step to maximize the utility of each prototype.


Wi Inc. has an eclectic staff comprised of multiple educational backgrounds: PhD in Biochemistry, MPH in Global Health, BS Electrical Engineering, BS Mechanical Engineering, MS Bioengineering, BS Civil Engineering, BS Manufacturing Engineering, BS Education, Accounting, CAD Design, GDI Sr CAD Designer, Journeyman in Calibration, and Certified ISO 9001/13485 Lead Auditor.


We pride ourselves on our ability to bring creativity and ingenuity to all of our projects. Wi applies its creative energy when solving operational, quality, and product issues. Our prowess in innovation is proven by over 70 patents issued or applied for.