Assay Integration
Wi Medical Device Development



Placing an assay onto a device requires experience.  The assay must be managed from the point of sample entry to the waste containment.  Assay integration requires that the reagents are placed in a way that replicates the assay formed on a bench.

Over the past 14 years, Wi has gained specific knowledge of the options for placing reagents and other critical assay components on a device.  Materials, surface volumes, and other design elements play into the successful execution of an assay.  We have the experience to help you with all of your assay integration needs.


  • Reagent “on-rates” or kinetics
  • Material surface energy management
  • Non-specific protein binding mitigation
  • Whole-blood coagulation management
  • Boundary layer stasis management
  • Rapid prototype testing and iteration
  • In-process mixing
  • Blister-reagent delivery control
  • Post detection biological waste management

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