Wi Medical Device Development

Great Basin

Great Basin Corporation

The overall goal of this project was to create a device that performs an isothermal helicase-dependent PCR to detect the presence of MRSA and C. diff.  This system provides clinicians the means to screen and manage two potentially life-threatening infections.

Wi was responsible for the total system: developing the initial concept, hardware, software, cartridge design, and beta device manufacturing.  The beta unit for clinical testing was completed in 7 months and Wi aided the customer in obtaining “B” series funding.

Great Basin Scientific features:

  • Microfluidics on card
  • Multiple active valves
  • Novel soft-opening method for blisters
  • 8 Actuators interfaces on device
  • 2 On-card mixers
  • 7 Fluid blisters on-card
  • Reagents on-card
  • Air bubble removal
  • Detection window on-card