Wi Medical Device Development



Reducing a complex set of motions into a functional mechanical system requires a keen understanding of the kinematics, dynamics and work to be performed.  Additionally, the cost of goods sold must be balanced against the durability of the design.  Wi engineers are adept and skilled at creating complex mechanical system to an eloquent mechanical design.

Wi has 14 years of experience in the area of mechanical mechanism design.  We have designed high speed centrifuges, articulated surgical instruments and diagnostic actuations bays.


  • High-speed centrifuges
  • Blood pumping systems
  • Micro-surgical ophthalmic instruments
  • Articulated blister opening systems
  • Articulated blister dispensing systems
  • Slide-motion IVD bays
  • Cassette locating and locking systems
  • Facilitated anastomosis connectors
  • Surgical orthopedic tools
  • Blood contact mechanical devices