Wi Medical Device Development



Wi Inc. is known for its world class medical device development, engineering processes, and high quality manufacturing services. Our commercial devices include blood pumping systems and ophthalmic surgical tools. We also manufacture laboratory testing kit designs, organ transport technology, and extracorporeal circuits. Our engineering and design services include laser welding, assay design, air bubble management and much more. The Wi team of well-trained specialists carry out excellent design processes which assures that high quality products are made available to you at competitive prices.

Wi Inc. advanced medical device engineering enables the production of high level medical tools. Our extensive experience with the challenges in the development of therapeutically related medical devices guides us in the production of more effective medical tools necessary for complicated and delicate medical procedures. We provide only the best products for the acquisition of accurate results, putting utmost quality in our products.


  • In-situ surgical device development
  • Perfusion circuit design
  • Infusion system design
  • Cartridge-based fluidic circuit design
  • Integrated sensor design
  • Organ transport system design
  • Hardware-to-disposable interface management
  • Bio-compatibility and safety test management