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Kidney Transporter

Organ Recovery Systems LifePort Kidney Transporter

Organ Recovery Systems (ORS) was Wi’s first customer.  Wi was introduced to ORS through a partnership with a hardware company.  Our partner had software and electrical design capacities but they needed someone with consumable expertise and a background in perfusion.  The Wi team possessed the skills they needed resulting in a partnership that has changed organ transport around the world.  The LifePort Kidney Transporter is a revolutionary method of transporting kidneys for transplantation: it is a portable, insulated perfusion transporter with ultrasonic bubble detection.  Studies have shown that kidneys transported in the LifePort lead to improved long term outcomes for kidney transplant recipients. It is fair to say, that the ORS program has been the cornerstone of Wi’s practice of timeliness, cooperation and creativity.  The program manager at ORS, Doug Schein, went on to introduce the world to the first practical organ transporter.  Doug is recognized by Wi as true product champion.

Organ Recovery Systems Features:

  • Create disposable with specific (low) transfer cost (confidential)
  • 11 Months from concept-to-production tooling
  • Novel air bubble removal system
  • Quick-load tube-set design
  • 8 Patents
  • Medical Design Excellence Award
  • Increased transport time from 8 hours to 24 hours