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Point-Of-Care Blister Packaging Design for IVD Diagnostic Reagents

Blister pack technology allows onboard delivery of diagnostic reagents into a receiving well on a microfluidic chip where they can be dispersed through channels. The process of incorporating blisters onto a microfluidic cartridge may seem simple. However, designing and manufacturing reagent blisters for long-term stability and reproducible volume delivery while minimizing introduction of air to the fluidic channels is quite challenging. Our team has more than 20 years of experience with reagent blister packaging for diagnostic Point of Care (POC) microfluidic applications and can design a solution for your project.

A Variety of Consumable Reagent Storage Delivery Options

Regardless of your needs we likely have a consumable reagents storage option that will fit your lab-on-a-chip needs. If not, our team will design a solution that effectively replicates your assay in a manner that can be manufactured cost effectively. We use empirical Finite Element Analysis (FEA) techniques to optimize blister volume to lower reagent costs and minimize opening and dispensing forces. Request a sample kit.

We offer a variety of reagent blister configurations and sizes:

  • Dome Blisters
  • Custom Geometry Reagent Blisters
  • Variable Size Blister Arrays
  • Multiple Liquid Blisters

Custom Reagent Blister Packaging Design

Our specialty is developing sophisticated, accurate and cost-effective blister pack technology. We have developed novel methods of opening and controlling dispensing the fluids with minimal force and high reproducibility. This translates to lower power requirements for instrumentation and tighter control of the assay being executed. We offer a variety of standard blister configurations with volume deliveries from 30 μL to 5 mL, but can also design custom, application specific blisters to accommodate nonstandard volumes, shapes, opening mechanisms and chip orientation.

Our capabilities are not limited to consumable design and manufacturing. We have an entire team specializing in usability testing for point of care diagnostic devices, and a full clinical research team that’s ready to perform necessary studies to validate your design and get it through regulatory approval. Companies often lose precious time shifting between partners, but we have all of these capabilities in-house. As such we can often get your device to market faster and save you money overall.

Consumable Reagent Blister Manufacturing

Whether you need 10 or 10 million, we have the capability to scale your blister and consumable chip manufacturing as you grow. Our highly automated manufacturing processes for forming, filling and sealing ensure consistent reagent volumes, stability and performance while mitigating for contaminant bacteria, DNA, RNA and RNases. We are your best partner for molecular diagnostic development. Read more about our microfluidic blister manufacturing capabilities.

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