IVD System Development
Wi Medical Device Development - a TE Connectivity Company

In-vitro Diagnostic Instrument Development

Developing an IVD systems requires designing and developing both the hardware and the consumable.  Wi possesses extensive experience developing complete IVD systems that incorporate complex electro-mechanical and optical hardware.  Placing the development of both hardware and consumable at one location assures a seamless integration at the hardware-consumable interface.  The hardware will actuate blisters, valves, mixers, and ultimately read or detect the results of the assay.  The Wi program approach iterates on machine design, progressing from initial rapid prototype implementations through verified Alpha and Beta production units.

Specific Hardware Development Experience:

  • Consumable loading/unloading and registration
  • Blister opening and dispensing
  • Pneumatic interface
  • Thermal management
  • Thermal interface
  • Fluid interface
  • Fluid motivation
  • Active valve actuation
  • Sealed mixing interface
  • Electrical software interface control
  • Rapid system prototyping