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GE SPINlab™ was first introduced to Wi by a hardware partner, who presented one of the most technically challenging projects that Wi has been involved with.  GE was commercializing a new modality in cancer cell detection,  the methodology of which required subjecting a consumable to several extremes: temperatures ranging from 0.8 ˚K to 130 ˚C and a pH of 1.7.  This program required many new processes and test systems to be developed.  The final product of these efforts, the SPINlab™, became the newest product released by the GE spinoff group Research Circle Technology. SPINlab™ is the first high-throughput, fully-automated hyperpolarizer requiring minimal helium.  It has an integrated fluid path, quality control system and simultaneously hyperpolarizes multiple samples of pyruvate to produce imaging agents.  SPINlab™ promises to deliver a new standard in cancer diagnostics and imaging efficacy.

SPINlab™ Features:

  • Consumable capable of withstanding temperature swings from 0.8 ˚K to 130 ˚C
  • Multiple integral system valves
  • Micro-bore tubing interfaces
  • Unique chamber seal designs
  • Extensive Biocompatibility testing
  • In-situ (clinical) fixture design
  • Clinical install of laser welder
  • Clinical team interface
  • System packaging