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Diagnostic Devices: A Critical Tool

October 2014 — Infectious diseases abroad and in our own backyards are making major headlines.  It is almost impossible to avoid news surrounding Ebola or Enterovirus D68.  In this time of heightened awareness about the damage that infectious agents can cause human populations, it is important to continue developing affordable and efficient medical technology.  There are many essential tools for combating outbreaks and epidemics: medical professionals, supplies, and medications.  However, one of the most crucial components of infectious disease detection and prevention is fast and accurate diagnostic testing options.  An epidemiologist can use diagnostics to confirm cases in an outbreak.  A physician can utilize diagnostic testing to provide their patients with quality care targeted at their specific infection.  Yet there are many diseases still with testing that is extremely slow or expensive.

At Wi, we understand that exceptional diagnostic tests are critical for combating infectious diseases.  Our team has extensive experience developing diagnostic devices especially in resource limited settings.  We’ve created devices that facilitate the detection of C.Diff and MRSA and developed a device that counts CD-4 for HIV diagnostics. We have designed consumable and hardware systems and fabricated cartridges. Through our proprietary blister technology we can mimic lab skills such as pipetting. Microfluidics, blisters on card, and consumable products are our specialty.  If you are a researcher or diagnostic developer interested in taking your test to the next level we can help.  Please fill out our contact form or email lelsmore@wiinc.net.