Wi Medical Device Development - a TE Connectivity Company


LabNow came to Wi with a robust technology for quantifying CD4 content in whole blood, however they needed assistance executing RBC (red blood cell) removal from a whole blood sample on a consumable device without centrifugation.  Wi was able to demonstrate a novel method of supporting a track-etched membrane of 3 microns and designed the entire consumable cartridge.  Wi designed and manufactured the consumable using the latest laser welding techniques to mitigate particulate noise in the detection process.

LabNow Features:

  • Capillary channel design
  • On card RBC/WBC blood separation
  • Dried-down antibodies with fluorophore tags on-device
  • On card waste containment with biologic isolation
  • Small volume segmentation <3uL +/-  ½ %
  • Air Bubble removal and management
  • Custom blister design
  • Optic window interface
  • Laser assembled process to mitigate particulate