Wi Medical Device Development - a TE Connectivity Company

IVD Microfluidic Consumable Design

Creating a microfluidic device requires specific skill-sets in dimensional-similitude when scaling a bench-top assay onto a device.  Channel dimensions, schematic layout and other physical geometric attributes influence the fluidic behavior of the device.  Strategic placement of blisters, vents, valves, and other functional attributes can make or break the assay being executed.

Wi has extensive experience in this core competency of microfluidic architecture design and implementation. We leverage a diverse array of experiences to efficiently develop conceptual solutions to microfluidic consumable requirements, rapidly prototype them through in-house production techniques, and evaluate them through implementation of custom test fixtures and environments.


  • Integrated regent blisters
  • Dead-volume mitigation
  • Air bubble mitigation & air removal vents
  • Active and passive fluid motivation geometries
  • Active and passive mixing devices
  • Active and passive valving techniques
  • On-device micro-pore filtering
  • RBC/WBC segregation and whole blood separation
  • Dried-down reagent precision spotting
  • Electrochemical detection PCB integration
  • Precision optical window integration
  • In-house laser welded assembly