Wi Medical Device Development - a TE Connectivity Company

Special Manufacturing Process Development

Often times during the development of new technology the need arises for development of special manufacturing processes.  These processes must be developed in parallel with the product to ensure a smooth transition to manufacturing at the end of the development lifecycle.  Examples of special process include handling of light sensitive reagents, oxygen sensitive fluids, fragile membranes, or assemblies requiring a high degree of cleanliness. Wi works with clients to identify these special needs at the onset of a program and development of the special process evolves with the device.

Our ability to develop special processes can be substantiated by proprietary intellectual property and trade secrets.  References of our work are available through our customer base.


  • Ultra-clean washing of plastic components
  • Complex multi-plane laser welding
  • Radial laser welding
  • Track-etched membrane placement and support
  • Blister filling techniques
  • VOC evacuation during bonding
  • Membrane spotting
  • Reagent placement on device
  • Automated UV placement